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Kindly be advised that the following tariff has been filed.

Rule: 010-A01 Alameda Corridor Charge (ACC)

EGLV-603 USA & Puerto Rico to Far East
EGLV-604 USA & Puerto Rico to Middle East
EGLV-605 USA & Puerto Rico to Australia
EGLV-606 USA & Puerto Rico to Europe
EGLV-607 USA & Puerto Rico to Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea
EGLV-608 USA to Africa
EGLV-609 USA & Puerto Rico to Caribbean Sea (excl.Buenaventura, Colombia)
EGLV-613 USA & Puerto Rico to Gulf Coast of Mexico
EGLV-619 USA & Puerto Rico to W. Coast of S. America (incl. Buenaventura, Colombia) + Pacific Coast of Mexico
EGLV-622 USA & Puerto Rico to East Caribbean Sea & Central America
EGLV-625 USA to West Africa


Rule 010-A01 Alameda Corridor Charge (ACC)
Effective date: January 05, 2018

USD 26 per 20' container
USD 52 per 40' container
USD 52 per 40' high-cube container
USD 57 per 45' high-cube container

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